"First, you must learn to fear my name! Starfire, Yorg! Starfire!"


I need to post this right now in the middle of the night before I start hating it 110%


Bruce Wayne is a DILF pass it on.

I LOVED every scene with Toph but this,



I gotta get it out. You can get it out for me, right?!”


"Who do you think you’re talking to?"

Has to be my fave.

Toph seriously doesn’t give two fucks about how Korra feels. She’s constantly calling her the worst Avatar ever and beating the shit out of her. Yet, Korra responds and is actually looking a lot more lively.

What I’m loving about Toph’s position is that she knows this isn’t Aang. With Aang, she had to be a little more gentle with her approach to teaching him (but still not straying away from her bluntness), but with Korra, she knows she can take it. Everyone has been coddling Korra and talking to her gently, but Toph is basically like, “bitch, get over yourself and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Let’s do this shit.”

Toph is exactly who Korra needs. Someone who doesn’t beat around the bush about what she’s doing wrong. If Korra yelled at Toph the way she did to Katara, Toph would’ve definitely yelled back and probably thrown her in the mud.

I get that Korra has PTSD, but Korra is also the type to respond to force (Tenzin’s words) so with Toph being blunt and forceful, Korra’s recovery may have just took a turn for the better.

I also love how Toph is so badass that she doesn’t even break a sweat when sparring with Korra. Toph will forever be my favorite.

You know, I’m kind of wondering if part of the reason why Korra responds so well to Toph — and she definitely does, given that this is the first time we’ve seen her smile in a while (at least, for a reason other than “cute puppy”) in show-time — is because Toph makes her feel more normal.  Sure, Toph is being really harsh, but Korra grew up with harsh; Toph might say nasty things, but they’re things that Korra expects from a Drill Sergeant Nasty type.

Force is what Korra knows.  And I think that, while she’s definitely upset that she couldn’t do better, she appreciates being able to operate on that level again.

I’m getting my butt kicked by losers all over the Earth Kingdom.




Things were so different… ( X )

What is this shit? What happened to the real Teen Titans? The Original Teen Titans with amazing character development and underlying messages about growing up and it’s okay to be different?

It ended. Shows end. Teen Titans Go is not the original Teen Titans cartoon, and it never will be. Please accept this and stop taking posts that have NOTHING TO DO with this. I don’t know why you brought this up on this post but if you really feel the need to rag on a television show please do it on your own posts, not on a perfectly nice gifset.

luv this 


he would


he would

Dick appearing as both Robin and Nightwing in animated tv shows


Age Bending Pt. 4 by request
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